Meet ARIUM: Save time with unified media and computing

Scale your business fast and let your team work from anywhere with the right solution – from the right partner. For a fixed monthly cost, ARIUM lets creative companies:

  • Work remotely in 4k, even over a home internet connection
  • Eliminate the need to move physical drives, cutting material and courier costs
  • Add cloud workstations – even Macs – to existing computing resources

You concentrate on your work – let us manage the chore of IT infrastructure.

Test-drive our solution for free and get back to doing your thing: CREATIVITY.

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Collaborate over any internet connection

Your editors can work from home, even using a cable internet connection, and still manage 4k workflows. Computing and storage resources are together – no more waiting.

Eliminate mountains of hard drives

Transfer from set at wire speed. Organize existing piles of drives with economical cloud backup. Your data is safe from fires, floods, and deadly disorganization!

Scale your edit suite fast

Hiring a freelancer or ten? Spin up powerful edit workstations in the cloud – even Macs - and edit live. Your media never leaves ARIUM, so footage remains secure and accessible.

"Over this past year working from home has become the new normal for all of us at JMD. WFH in the creative field has been a challenge as our files are always large. We were constantly waiting for files to transfer.

By bringing media and computing together, ARIUM has helped us to accelerate and simplify our workflows so that we have more time to be creative and spend less time on IT."
Jon Dinapoli, Jon Michael Design
Arium Node Subscriber
“Joseph’s companies have been our technology partner since 2013. He and his team built Arium in part as a response to issues that we have here at Triptent. Before Arium, cable internet and aging networking made server work impossible outside the office.

Arium Hub has allowed fast access to our media from anywhere, using a dedicated internet connection and modern infrastructure.”
Alex Lose, Triptent
Arium Hub Subscriber

Increase productivity and eliminate headaches

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Learn how ARIUM can give you back hours in your team’s day. You’ll be drinking a craft brew, feet on desk, wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.

Fast access and flexible collaboration

ARIUM Cloud augments your existing in-house computing capabilities with cloud workstations, storage, and computing.

ARIUM Hub brings datacenter reliability and connectivity to your office. You access your office environment via a dedicated internet circuit and modern data network, enabling creative work from anywhere.


Under the direction of career entrepreneur Joseph L Stornelli, our team began serving NYC businesses in 2011. We introduced many of our clients to shared storage, and we continue to help them adapt to new technologies. ARIUM affirms our commitment to breaking down technological limitations that interfere with the creative process.

With deep vendor partnerships in storage, networking, internet, and cloud, ARIUM pushes available technology to its limits.  Our clients reserve their energy for creating – and for kickin’ it with their colleagues, bosses, and most importantly, at home with their families.

These brands power our solution:
Clients Include:

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Plans customized for you

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  1. Schedule an onboarding call to assess your needs and determine how we can solve your IT issues and save you time and money.
  2. We build your ideal solution for a fixed monthly cost according to your usage. Design, installation, support, and maintenance are included. 
  3. You test drive your solution and make sure it meets your needs.
  4. You sign up for our service, and we deliver your solution in a scalable way, at a fixed monthly cost.
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